Monday, August 7th, 2017

He’s With Me

The refreshing thing about the bromance that kicks off the plot of this engaging new web-series about a group of sassy late 30-something-year-old New Yorkers,  is that for once the gay man doesn’t ever have any secret desires to bed his new straight best friend. Or vice versa.

Midwestern Ted (Bradford Howan Advertising Executive is new to town and his oldest friend Eddie (John Thomas Cramer) is getting married to Val (Darcie Siciliano). Her bestie from college days is Martin (Jason Cicci) a worldly gay man and a rather sarcastic theatre critic for the Village Voice. The two men who strangely share the same surname, first meet when they have an awkward encounter in the Mens Room at the Wedding and very warily take an instant dislike to each other.  

After a  few weeks they start to bond, over football of all things, and very soon actually become inseparable.  Neither are dating and so as they are constantly in each other’s company, they are often mistaken for being an old married couple.

As the web-series develops the story line starts to involve all the different relationships within the group  focusing not just on Ted and Martin , but also on Eddie and Val adjusting to their first ever marriage at an age when many people are already on their second.  There is also the added presence of fifth wheel in the shape of Benny who seems to be popping up all over the place, and then officially becoming Martin’s stalker after his declaration of undying love is rejected.

Then suddenly life is about to change for them all at the same time, and not necessarily for the better.  Martin is fired from his job on the very  day that Ted wins an important new account and starts dating Henny (Veronica Reyes-How) his first every girlfriend, which Martin takes almost like an act of betrayal as he knows that their own relationship will never be the same again. Actual betrayals become part of a theme like when Ted’s parents choose the most importune moment to reveal that he was adopted, and like Val discovering that Eddie is keeping a secret diary to write down his innermost thoughts.

This compelling new series was conceived and penned by Jason Cicci, who also stars as Martin, and has been directed, photographed and edited by Sebastian La Cause (the director of Hustling). It captures so succinctly these very witty and sardonic urbanites who may have all the confidence in the world to pursue their successful careers, but resort to being blushing teenagers when it comes to fathoming out their relationships.

It’s funny, very engaging and  a very  plus point is that the characters are all very authentic, and for a change there isn’t a cliched stereotype in sight  It soon becomes compulsive viewing as you cannot help but get invested in the outcomes of all their mini-dramas even though you know in the end they will live happily ever after. Possibly.


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