Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

I Am Syd Stone : and I’ve still got the hots for you


Canadian queer filmmaker Denis Theriault’s 11 min short is a tale of regret about choices you make at school.

This is the story of Syd Stone  (a hunky Gharrett Patrick Paon) who has come back to his hometown school reunion after a 10 year absence.  He’s not exactly been idle in this time as he is now a  major Hollywood star and heartthrob to every adolescent girl in the country.   However success may have made him famous and rich but he is far from happy.  Not like his school days when as a closeted gay man he was in love with  his best friend Brent (Michael Gaty), and the real reason that he has now come back home is to try and re-kindle their relationship.

Will Brent still feel the same, or has Syd left it far too late has he left it too late ?  Check it out and see.

P.S. This is not the end of the story ad writer/director Theriault is now developing it into a web series.


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